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Charity Overview 1H4A (One Heart For Africa) is a non-profit organization aiming to save the lives of the many children suffering in the street of Bafoussam, in Cameroon, to improve the health care for the people in that area who cannot afford it, and to provide life coaching and healing services to the youths who need guidance and are victims of addictions.

We are doing so by managing a street children orphanage, a private hospital, and an addiction and well-being centre, which are in the process of being built. Close by we will also build an hospitality centre (B&B, restaurant, pub etc.) which will accommodate tourists coming to visit Cameroon.

The profit earned through the hospitality centre will feed the funds for our healing centre, the hospital and the children home. The orphanage, hospital, healing centre and hospitality centre will be built in the shape of a Miniature Africa.


Our mission is to save precious lives, of poor ill people, of youths enduring addictions, and of the hundreds of children suffering in the street of Bafoussam, in Cameroon, by embracing them in a loving home, valuing them with a good basic education, taking care of their physical and emotional well being; rescuing them from crime and violence by giving them back their lost innocence and their lost dreams; respecting those little earth angels, by showing them that happiness and love from God that only angels can know and deserve.

Using tourism as the driving force to promote our mission, we aim to build a place which resembles the African continent in miniature and use it as an attraction and accommodation for the tourists.

This Miniature Africa will be divided in 5 sections:

  1. the actual children home,
  2. a school for the children,
  3. a healing centre, a hospital, and
  4. the guest house/hospitality centre.

Each of those section will serve the purpose stated in our mission statement, that is saving the life of the street children, providing health care to the people who live in poverty, saving the young generation from a lost path to a guided one.


Street children are fallen angels suffering the pain of poverty. And so are all the ill people living every day in poverty. And so are all the young people who fell into the trap of addiction and lost their direction in life because of poverty. They have no home, either physical or emotional. No health care. No education. No hope. No love. They lost their innocence. Their happiness. Their joy of life. Their dreams. We are here to give them back everything. And more. At all costs.


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Contact details for 1Heart4Africa

Contact:Candida Mule'
Address:26 Lohunda Park, Clonsilla, Dublin 15, Ireland

Mobile:+353 89 4931151
Web page:www.facebook.com/1Heart4Africa

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