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Welcome to     A Way Forward

Our primary aim is to provide you with a comprehensive confidential and supportive counselling and psychotherapy experience.  Accompanying you on your  journey in a positive way through the present concern in your life.

Our qualified practitioner will offer you a sincere listening ear and her wide experience and empathy on your current concern. Facilitating you to achieve your positive outcome and a way forward in your life of your own choosing.

Marian has a wide experience in counselling and psychotherapy in her private practice which was first established in 1999.  Since that time she has fascilitated many people with a variety of concerns to reach their own resolution. Many and varied are the concerns which can affect our lives at any time and often unexpectedly.  Sometimes and especially in this busy world you find you need someone to just listen, so that in partnership you can come to the decision which you believe is right for you, in a non jugemental and caring approach.



About Your Pratitioner

Marian began practice in 1996 and recieved her foundational training in Clinical Transcactional Analysis an integrative, cognitive and psychoanalytic model.  During the years she developed her approach to a more eclective integrated method studying and learning other approaches.  These approaches are mainly birth psychology, transpersonal psychology, Working with addictions, including Gestalt, Psychosynthesis, and Jungian approaches.

Fully accredited with the Irish Association for Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy and listed in the accredited practitioners.  This is an important safeguard for you the person seeking a credible practioner.

In these past three years Marian's professional development has centred on spiritual direction and accompaniment which has broadened her skills and experience into a lay pastoral service.  This latest development provides an added dimension to the services which may be provided to those who seek spiritual direction in the Christian perspective.


Because of Marian's wide area of experience she is able to offer facilitation in all of the concerns listed below.  If your concern is not named or listed please contact Marian as the list only provides some of the human concens which can be encountered in life.

  • Relationships - We can often experience relationship difficulties with each other in our lives and sometimes we experience difficulty with how we relate to who we are as a person.  Sometimes this is experienced in words like 'I dont feel confident' or 'I'm not sure if I'm liked' etc. These concerns are often experienced as rejections, abandonments, seperations, abuse etc and can cause a person significant difficulties.
  • Depression - Depression is a very common concern in todays world but it doesnt always require tablets.  Most depression can be alleviated by and through talking out the concerns which weigh you down and as you unburden yourself a way forward is often realised.
  • Grief & Loss - At certain times in our lives we all experience the grief associated with the loss of someone or something in our lives, it is a natural and normal response.  Sometimes a person finds it helps to talk especially if the loss is significant in your life.  This can be a person, a job, and even for some a close animal.
  • Bullying - Sadly today this is a growing trend not just at school but in the workplace and society situations.  It can affect anyone at any time depending on the situations a person finds their self in.
  • Addiction - whether you are the person troubled with the 'addictive concern' or whether you are a family member or friend concerned with the affects upon your relationship with the person 'addicted' your way of life can be significantly affected in many ways.  Addiction is like depression although more complex, that it is a result of an underlying and often deeply rooted difficult concern.  The fascilitation often involves discovering the root cause and this assists in managing the present concerns.
  • Spirituality - Many, people experience spiritual concerns, sometimes they are faith based, sometimes there is a spiritual concern within all of the above.  Sometimes we experience the need to simply explore our spirituality from a non judgemental perspective, so we do not feel guilty or pressured to comply with common practice.  To be enabled to fascilitate your own choices or to explore how your spirituality has been affected through your own personal experience with the world around you.  Sometimes we just feel lost or soul sick which is different from depression but both are often described as an emptiness or alone-ness. 


If you can recognise yourself in any of the above and would like to begin to find a way forward, please contact me or if you do not recognise your concern in the brief listing please inquire there is alot I have left off the list.

Contact details for A-Way-Forward

Contact:Marian Moran MA. H.DipTh. RN. IAHIP
Mobile:085 2880700

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