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One of the important tool for every travelling businessperson or entrepreneur is laptop. And modern laptops are built in accordance to every situation and use.  But the issue that might delay your tasks is dislodged key or fall out.

Follow the below direction for fixing the key of your Acer device:

  1. Turn off your Acer laptop and then turn the unit over. Smoothly slide the battery release lever and then pull the battery out of device.
  2. Again turn the laptop’s back and open its lid. Have a look within the open area on the keyboard and check whether it has a plastic retaining clip inside the hole.
  3. Search for the plastic retaining clip in case if it fell from the keyboard along with the keys. You can use a tweezers pair for setting up the clip on the back side within the hole. Then line up the holes on clip from the raised four nodules within the board hole.
  4. On the back side of the plastic clip, set the key. Keep pressing the key onto its position until it clicks into its place.
  5. In case if there are keys not working properly, then flip the laptop’s back sid With the help of screwdriver, remove the three screws available on the case’s left side holding the keyboard on its place. Now, again flip the laptop back so that you can see the LCD screen.
  6. Under the LED indicator strip available above the keyboard- push a thin end of screwdriver’s flat head. Then pop up the strip and pull it out of the device.
  7. Until you don’t see a long ribbon cable running at the keyboard bottom to the motherboard, lift the keyboard towards your direction. From the motherboard port, unplug the cable. Afterwards, pull out the keyboard and its ribbon off the case. Spray canned air in the underside of keys and within the Acer laptop.
  8. Reassemble the keyboard, battery as well as LED indicator strip.

Acer Laptop Support team for further information and help

There are times when you encounter technical glitches with your laptop and are unable to fix the same then get in touch with the team of professionals and experts. Dial Acer Laptop support number 0800-098-8674 and let us resolve all your issues.

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