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Something terrible happens to businesses that don't advertise...

...they simply don't grow or at best, their growth is much slower than it should be!

myinfo.ie a winning concept in advertising on the web

Consumers are increasingly turning to the internet when looking for products and services. Not surprisingly, the internet has increasingly become an indispensible tool for companies and businesses to promote their products and services; and for clubs or societies to advertise their events.

The growth in the world wide web has put a lot of pressure companies to use the internet to supplement the more traditional forms of advertising media and communication. The internet has also provided significant opportunity for smaller companies to compete with larger organisations on a global scale by allowing these companies to present their products and services to a wide international audience.  All that is needed is an inexpensive, well optimised advertising platform and a bit of effort.

The myinfo.ie platform was developed by Jovian LTD, the founders and developers of the CreatorSEO search engine optimisaton tool-set.  Consequently, myinfo.ie is optimised according to the latest search engine algorithm requirements using the best knowledge and tools available on the web.  This gives advertisers an unfair advantage over their competition.

Advertise on myinfo.ie
The concept behind using myinfo.ie as an advertising platform is different from any other advertising platform on the web. The approach provides the customer with a number of pages for advertising the business and the products (if required) and more. Essentially, when you buy an advertising space on myinfo.ie, you are investing in a very powerful mini-site that will drive traffic to your web site and/or business.  Also, this site is very well optimised and with minimal input from you, the mini-site will rank very well on all the major search engines, thereby driving traffic, increased sales and more revenue for your company.
Increased traffic => More Sales => Increased revenue

Myinfo also uses the power of the myinfo.ie community to network the member sites in order to drive traffic and referrals between these sites. Try it out for yourself, join the community and reap the benefits.




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Site Hosting on myinfo! 
Host your site on myinfo.ie for as little as 119 per year excluding vat.
Price: €119.00 (VAT 23.00%) Total: €146.37
Site Hosting on myinfo!
Already have a site? Advertise your site on myinfo.ie. Where else could you get an optimised directory listing, full page advertisement and contact page for less than 10 per month.
Price: €150.00
Make an impact 
An advertisement has to make an impact on the visiting audience
No Charge
Make an impact

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Web page:www.myinfo.ie/

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