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Welcome to Amega Jewellery Direct


Amega Jewellery Direct sources and distributes a wide range of fashion accessories including necklaces, rings, handbags, bracelets and earings.

The main aim of the founder is to create a business opportunity especially for women to generate some income by recruiting them into sales and sell jewellery to the public. Amega Jewellery Direct will strive to retain Sales Independent Contractors by having a strong commitment to satisfying their needs. Define service quality in terms of distributor satisfaction. when disributors are disatisfied with our service, we will compensate them by not charging any fee for the service rendered.

We will have a strong commitment to satisfy the needs of our customers. We will define service quality in terms of our customer satisfaction.

Email us on or call 076 431 9037


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Contact:Bethwell Mpitsa
Address:1415 Kgolokwe street
South Africa

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