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Limerick Animal Welfare (LAW) is a registered charity that was founded in 1983. The Limerick Animal Welfare is dedicated to caring for abandoned and neglected animals in the Limerick area. Over the last five years alone we have saved more than 2000 animals. We aim to promote the humane treatment of all animals, working towards a more compassionate society. We believe in educating young people about responsible pet ownership.

We rely on your generosity and kindness to enable us to operate and save lives. We welcome any donations whether they be time or financial. Please see our main site for more details.

We regularly give talks to primary and secondary schools. In this way we hope to educate and inform the animal owners of tomorrow and encourage them to make kindness and respect for all animals a way of life. We aim never to destroy an animal unless it is so ill that we cannot alleviate its suffering. It is our policy to spay/neuter all dogs and cats before rehoming. At any one time we care for approximately 60 dogs and 30 cats. Phase One of our Sanctuary at Moorestown, Kilfinane, was finally completed in December 2007. Our first isolation kennel for dogs opened its doors to the abandoned animals just before Christmas. We are most grateful to all the generous animal lovers who donated funds for this wonderful building. The Sanctuary now provides shelter for up to sixty dogs and puppies, fifty cats and kittens, numerous rabbits, goats, pigs, horses, ponies and donkeys.

We now face the huge task of completing Phase Two of the Sanctuary Building Project, which is the main building. This is estimated to cost in the region of one million euro and will incorporate a rehoming area for dogs and another for cats. The plans also include offices, a veterinary clinic and living accommodation for staff. Phase Three, the final building will be the isolation kennel for cats and kittens.

We feel confident that with your support, our "Field of Dreams" will become a reality for all the homeless animals of Limerick city and county.

Limerick Animal Welfare

The purpose of this site is to provide a link back to our main site at http://www.limerickanimalwelfare.ie/ where you can find more information about the Limerick Animal Welfare charity, our fund raising and our activities.

Limerick Animal Welfare
Limerick Animal Welfare

Our charity shop is now based at 59 Parnell Street, Limerick - near the railway station. The shop is open from Monday to Saturday, and is staffed entirely by volunteers. We are extremely grateful to them for the time and effort they put in to ensure our shop is a success. I addition to providing us with a much needed source of income, our shop is renowned as being a major focal point for animal welfare in Limerick city and county. For our shop to remain successful we depend on the public's generosity to donate the necessary goods to sell.


  • Good quality clothes (we regret we cannot accept shoes)
  • Good quality household goods and bric-a-brac
  • Books (we regret we cannot accept magazines)
  • CDs, tapes, videos and DVDs
  • Good quality bedding
  • Dog and cat food and treats
  • Bedding
  • We can also accept donations, for which we provide receipts
  • We can also accept items for the sanctuary, such as dog food, cat food, treats, toys, bedding, collars and leads.
Animal Welfare shop in Limerick Town
Animal Welfare shop in Limerick Town

Helping / Volunteering

Helping Wildlife

If you find injured or abandoned wildlife please visit the following website or contact your local rescue for advice and help. www.irishwildlifematters.ie

Wildlife casualties

Volunteer with horses

Volunteers Wanted to Break Horses through Compassionate Methods

Volunteers needed to help at the Limerick Animal Welfare to break in cob sized horses.  Volunteers should have experience in this field.

LAW belive in a compassionate approach and uphold non-harsh methods such as Natural Horsemanship, Parelli or any other gentle methods. If you are interested in volunteering to help our rescue horse group please phone us on (063) 91110 or email us on lawsanctuary@gmail.com.  The horses in law usually have experienced previous harsh handling and have problem backgrounds. We strive to make life better for these horses with a view to finding new homes where they will live their live with people who have horse experience and will have facilities to give these animals a better life.



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Contact details for AnimalWelfare

Contact:Limerick Animal Welfare
Address:Animal Welfare Limerick
Telephone:+353 063 91110
Mobile:+353 87 6371044
Web page:www.limerickanimalwelfare.ie/

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