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Apple Id is the door for accessing the products and services of Apple. But this id can give you some hard times when you forget Apple Id or when you’re Apple Id is not working. Out of these Apple Id not working issue is the most annoying and critical one which need immediate resolution. But before starting the steps to Apple password reset you must know the possibilities which might cause this issue.


Possible Causes and Troubleshooting tips for Apple Id not working

There are several reasons which might be the reason for your Apple Id not working either in you Mac device or IPhone:

•             Due to Internet Connection: Sometimes this issue can arise because of poor internet connectivity or incorrect VPN route. So as to fix this users need to make sure that VPN is not activated or you have the active internet connection.

•             Apple Server: It can be because of the problem in the Apple server or when the service of Apple is down. Try to login to your Apple account after some time but make sure to reset the device first

•             Due to an issue with a password.: Your Apple Id may not work properly when you forget your account password or you may be entering the wrong password. So you need toreset Apple Id password first and then you can try logging to your account by writing the correct Apple Id and its new password.

•             Time Zone issue: Sometimes due to the incorrect time zone, you might be facing the connection issue of your Apple Id. Double check the Time and Date Setting by just going into Settings Option > General> Date & Time. Here just make sure to enter the correct information.

While executing these troubleshooting steps make sure to perform each step properly and try completing all the fixtures. Apple clients can easily reset apple id password by just implementing these aforestated steps. If still, your Apple Id is not working after performing the solution then you need to get in touch with the tech support representatives who are available 24×7 to help and guide their customers.


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