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Avon Eastrand is your local Avon Representative providing you with all current specials and product information. You can view our brochure or find out how to download the New Avon App  to your phone for Android users and Apple users.

Once  you are linked you can view the curremt brochure from the comfort of your phone or tablet and also send through yoir krder and be able tomtrack it.

Join the Avon Team today and earn commission on your sales.

The more you sell you more you earn.

Become a sales leader and earn a monthly income from the people you sign up.

Have a support system while growing your own business while working from home.

Want to Join Avon South Africa? Here are your basic STEPS TO SUCCESS:


Download the Quick Start Guide and read through it carefully (please also see the NB additional notes below).

Email, text and share this brochure link (http://b.avon.co.za) to EVERYONE YOU KNOW! Share it on Facebook and other social media platforms. 

Once you have orders totaling a least R800, complete and sign the application form and order form and send it back to me with a copy of your ID.

Avon will review your application and contact you with your Avon account number. They will let you know if you qualified for a credit account or a pay as you go account.

Avon will invoice and dispatch your order (if you have a pay as you go account you will need to pay the amount due before Avon will invoice your order).

Receive your order at your door, deliver the products to customers and collect money, pay your Avon account balance and the commission is yours!

I will continue to provide further training in order to help you grow your business.

When is the last day to submit your application together with your ID and first order for the current brochure?

* Your application must reach me within the first 3 weeks of the month – applications received after the 23 rd of each month will be considered for the following month * 

Click here to complete the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM

How do I complete my application form?

See instructions at the bottom of this page

Where do I submit my application form, orders and ID copy?

Email completed application form along with completed order form and a clear copy of your ID to: AvonordersEastrand@gmail.com

All forms are available under “Downloads and Links” below.

Can I join Avon South Africa if I don’t live in South Africa?

You can still join Avon South Africa if you reside outside of SA but your DELIVERY ADDRESS MUST BE IN SOUTH AFRICA or NAMIBIA. Avon South Africa will only deliver to South Africa and Namibia.

Downloads and Links

Click here for the Start Smart Guide (NB: see additional notes below please)

Click here for the AVON APPLICATION FORM – There are TWO places for you to sign on this form. Please makes sure that you sign in BOTH places marked “X” (REPRESENTATIVE SIGNATURE).

Click here to get the Avon Order Form

Avon Terms and Conditions – you agree to these terms by signing the application form

Click here to view the online brochure and write down the codes of the products that you want to order on your AVON Order Form. – You will receive training on how to get your customers to order from YOUR OWN online brochure.

Quick Chat

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NB! Additional Notes – not mentioned on Start Smart Guide

The joining fee for Avon is R85 once off. This fee is deducted from your first commission, therefore you do not pay upfront to join. (If you leave Avon and wish to rejoin in the future, you will need to pay the joining fee again).

Your first commission will be 25%, thereafter your commission will be calculated based on your previous month’s sales (see Quick Start Guide for commission structures).

Commission on jewellery is fixed at 20% and on accessories such as bags and brushes, i.e: items that are not a toiletry, fragrance or cosmetic or jewellery, at 12%.

Delivery fee for every order is R23.

To maintain your Avon account, you must place a minimum order of R500 every month and keep your account up-to-date by paying your due balance on time.

How to order using the product codes

Ask your customers to always write down, text  or email the page number, code and the quantity of the products they wish to order, e.g January Brochure: page 77 40452 2, page 51 33352 1, etc

If there is a special offer of “Buy One Get One Free” – the free product will automatically be included with your order, so you only need to order the one product.

If the special says “All 3 for R?” – then there will be a special offer code to be used for that purchase. Note: if you use the separate codes, Avon will charge you the regular price and the discount will not be available.

If there is a qualification criteria, such as “Spend R? across pages x to y and get this product at R?” – You will need to include the code of that product with your order since there is a charge involved, however, if the product is free then you must leave the code out.


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Contact:Avon Orders Eastrand

South Africa
Web page:Www.Iloveavon.co.za

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