BROSNA Educational Centres

BROSNA Educational Centres Ltd is a registered charity for the advancement of education and character development in accordance with Christian principles and ideals.

Our mission is to provide all-round formation for people of all ages, but especially for the young, to help them develop their talents to the full and use them in the service of society.

To achieve these aims, BROSNA operates educational initiatives around Ireland. These include halls of residence for third-level students (e.g. Cleraun, Glenard, Gort Ard), youth clubs (e.g. Anchor, Glenbeag, Nullamore), and adult education centres like Knapton in Dun Laoghaire.

Participation in activities at these centres is open to people of all creeds or none, and from all social and cultural backgrounds. The Christian ethos of the formation imparted at the centres and activities run by BROSNA is entrusted to Opus Dei, a personal prelature of the Catholic Church. This website provides information about the various centres managed by BROSNA and links to those that have their own websites. It also provides information on how to make donations to any of the various programmes or development projects run by BROSNA centres.

BROSNA's charity registration number is CHY6329
Youth Activities


Youth and Educational Centres

Anchor Youth Club

Mornington Park
Dublin 5
Telephone:+353 - 1 - 831 6132
Website: www.anchoryouthcentre.com

Carraigburn University Centre

1 Seaview Terrace,
Dublin 4
Telephone:+353 - 1 - 2691797
Fax:+353 - 1 - 2694579

Castleville Study Centre

Golf Links Road
Co. Limerick
Telephone:+353 - 61 - 331223
Fax:+353 - 61 - 331204
Website: www.castleville.org

Cleraun Study Centre

90 Foster Avenue
Mount Merrion
Co Dublin
Telephone:+353 - 1 - 288 1734
Fax: +353 - 1 - 278 1880
Website: www.cleraun.com

Glenbeag Girls Club

Richmond Avenue South,
Dublin 6
Telephone:+353 - 87-7041683
Website: www.glenbeag.org

Ely University Centre

10 Hume Street
Dublin 2
Telephone:+353 - 1 - 676 7420
Fax:+353 - 1 - 676 1137

Glenard University Residence

Roebuck Road


Dublin 14
Telephone:+353 - 1 - 298 3902
Fax:+353 - 1 - 2986802
Website: www.glenard.org

Gort Ard Univesity Residence

Rockbarton North
Telephone: +353 - 91 - 523846
Fax:+353 - 91 - 529401
Website: www.gortard.com


22 Cunningham Road
Co. Dublin


30 Knapton Road
Dun Laoghaire
Co Dublin
Telephone:+353 - 1 - 280 4353
Fax:+353 - 1 - 280 3587

Lismullin Conference Centre and Hospitality Services Centre

Although not managed by Brosna, Lismullin Conference Centre in Navan, Co. Meath, hosts events like retreats, seminars and conferences for people who attend activities in Brosna centres.
Website: www.lismullinhospitality.ie


41 Fortfield Road
Dublin 6
Telephone:+353 - 1 - 4903408

Nullamore Youth Centre

Richmond Avenue South
Dublin 6
Telephone:+353 - 1 - 497 5197
Fax: +353 - 1 - 497 1997
Website: www.nullamore.com

Overdale Study Centre

Ennis Road
Telephone:061 326219
Fax:061 321412


9 Castle Avenue
Dublin 5
Telephone:+353 - 1 - 8331721

Riversdale Educational Centre

Telephone:+353 - 1 - 2809121
Fax:+353 - 1 - 2020929

Ros Geal University Residence and Inkwell Youth Club

19 University Road
Tel 091 524524
Telephone:091 - 524524
Website: www.rosgeal.net


2 Seaview Terrace
Dublin 4
Telephone:+353 - 1 - 2838573

Ballyglunin Leadership & Adventure Camp - Aug 2012

Most of the participants at the Ballyglunin Leadership & Adventure CampYouths from Ireland and Germany spent a week in Ballyglunin Park, Co. Galway at a project financed by the EU Youth-in-Action programme. They held workshops about leadership and character development, and they were able to apply what they learnt to real-life situations during various outdoor and adventure activities. 

The aprticipants received a YouthPass certificate from the EU, as proof of their active non-formal learning during the project.




EVS Volunteer Programme

A student from Cooperacion Internacional in Spain has recently completed the European Voluntary Service programme by working as a youth leader in Nullamore Youth Centre during 2010. Brosna acknowledges the financial support provided by Leargas and the EVS (EU) programme.

Bankers Order

If you would like to make a donation to Brosna Educational Centres Ltd please fill in the Bankers Order Form provided by clicking on the link bellow.

Bankers Order Form


Wills Presentation

The document below explains how to make a donation to Brosna through your Will.

Wills Presentation.doc



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Contact details for BROSNA

Contact:The Secretary
Address:Brosna Educational Centres Ltd
C/o Nullamore House, Richmond Ave South, Milltown
Telephone: 353-1-4975197
Mobile: 353-87-4195215
Fax: 353-1-4971997
Web page:www.brosna.ie

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