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'Living Your Best Life' is just that. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live your dreams, be healthy and happy and have a wonderful sense of well being? No dis-ease in your mind, body and soul, and all your limiting beliefs from your past gone - giving you the freedom to live your best life possible. You can do just this by having a healing energy therapy session at my rural holistic rooms in Cork. I am a certified Integrated Energy Therapy (R) Practioner.

I.E.T. (Integrated Energy Therapy (R), works directly with the body's cellular memory and energy field to get the "issues out of the tissues" for good. It works with a high vibrational energy and universal life-force to balance and release energy blockages in the cellular memory and human energy field. It promotes mind, body and spirits' ability to support the healing of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual disorders and diseases. Through I.E.T.(R) many people have been healed from depression, insomnia, migraine, stress as well as trauma due to sexual, physical and emotional abuse. The I.E.T. treatment involves a deep state of relaxation.

I also offer Spiritual Readings giving insight into an individual's life path and possibilities.



Integrated Energy Therapy (I.E.T.) uses angelic energy to work directly with your body's cellular memory and energy field to get the "issues out of the tissues" for good.  I.E.T.  ( helps you to safely and gently release limiting energy patterns from your past, empower and balance your life in the present, and embody your full potential as you move into your future.

 Benefits of I.E.T. Sessions:

  • Can painlessly release your suppressed feelings and your limiting cellular memories
  • Supports you in enhancing your health, life purpose, prosperity and creativity
  • Empowers you to experience fulfilling loving relationships in all areas of your life
  • Provides gentle yet powerful support for survivors of childhood traumas such as physical and sexual abuse, alcoholism, etc.
  • Supports your self-healing at all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
  • Helps you to discover and live your soul's missions in life.  



A spirtual reading can give insight into the individual's circumstances and the positive possibilities available to them at that time.  These are angel card readings designed to give spiritual insight and healing, uplifting the individual.



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