Brexit - How Did This Happen?

WELCOME to Brexit

Welcome to Brexit - How on earth Did This Happen?

Even as far back as 80's British comedy understood many British Politicians' attitude to the European Union.

Have a handful of comedians now made this happen?

Back in 1984 - Yes minister was very perceptive of the future and the political advantages of being Euro-sceptic


Brexit statistics show that...

  • Business wanted in,
  • Scotland wanted in,
  • Northern Ireland wanted in,
  • The Younger generations wanted in.

Yet the majority chose to go out.

Was the decision made for the wrong reasons?

Was this a punishment vote due to:

  • discontent with leadership
  • unhappiness about refugees
  • jobs going to non-British residents

Were the pro-Europe voters so confident that they did not vote?

UK decision to exit from the European Union

Were people ignorant of the value of a single Market to the UK? or did they not understand what a single market means in terms of movement, trade, products and services?

Or are people just so gullible as to be led by the nose by anti-EU politicians whose first priority may have been their own political gain... though the main proponents seem now to be resigning - are they jumping ship?

Maybe this was a genuine and sincere vote to be independent of the EU and everyone else. Curious suggestion considering that the UK not that long ago colonised such a large portion of the world.

Lots of questions, no clear answers. The future will be interesting if nothing else.

Some interesting cartoons circulating on the web:

What next Boris and Nigel?


Nigel, nigel, nigel

reference @twisteddoodles

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