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Bubbles Wholesale is a discount wholesaler based in Dundalk. It is a renowned stock driven discount wholesale business supplying wholesale crisps, chewing gums, biscuits, confectionery, laundry items, toiletries and much more. Visit today!

Company overview:

Bubbles Wholesale (Irl) Ltd is a discount wholesaler based in Dundalk. We are a stock driven discount wholesale business supplying 1,200 different products across a wide range of product categories holding 2,000 pallets in stock. We pride ourselves on delivering competitively priced branded products nationwide on a weekly basis. We have sales executives all over the country on a regular basis. If you are interested in placing an order or setting up a meeting with one of our Sales Team please email sales@bubbleswholesale.com or call the Sales Office on 042-935-4484.

Contact Details:


Bubbles Wholesale (Irl) Ltd

Unit 2

Portway Buildings

Coes Road


Co Louth

Phone: +353 42 93 32033

Fax: +353 42 93 90254

Email: sales@bubbleswholesale.com

Website: http://www.bubbleswholesale.com/

Contact details for Bubbles-Wholesale-Irl-Ltd

Contact:Bubbles Wholesale
Address:Unit 2, Portway Buildings, Coes Road

Telephone:+353 42 93 32033
Fax:+353 42 93 90254
Web page:www.bubbleswholesale.com

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