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To provide low-cost high-quality childcare services for children aged 1 – 12 years, within a purpose-built facility.

We aim to target marginalised groups including lone parents, low income families, refugees, travellers and seasonal workers, as well as working parents and those who are training or re-training.

Provision of Full Daycare, Preschool and Afterschool care, as well as

Easter Activity Camps and Summer Camps.


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Message from Sandra on May 8, 2015, 10:16 am
Hi, are you running summer camps this year???

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Dates to Remember

04th May – We are closed for the Bank Holiday weekend. Let’s hope the suns shining!!!

8th May – Remember to drop in any unwanted clothes, shoes, bags, curtains, blankets etc for our clothes collection

  Fundraisers  WE NEED YOUR HELP

We are doing a Bonus ball draw in conjunction with the main Lotto draw every Saturday night. Lines are €2.00 each and can be purchased in our office. We are looking for parents to volunteer to sell the lines for us every Friday for only 10 minutes at 12.30 in the centre.  Your help would be gratefully appreciated

What’s happening at your Childcare Centre

We are back now after the Easter break, our Easter Camp this year was a huge success and we are already planning the activities for our Summer Camp.  Updates will be in June’s newsletter.

Our pre-school places are filling up fast and we are planning an open evening on 07th May 2015 for all registrations,

If you are intending to enrol your child for September 2015, it is crucial that you attend on this evening, please call into the office for a registration form. 

We are a planning a clothes collection for 08th May, if you are planning a spring clear out, you can drop your bags into us at any time before this date –

All donations will be gratefully received

Childcare Spaces 

We currently have some availability in our daycare rooms, if you wish to enroll your child please contact us on   071 98 33685 or call into the centre & speak to any member of staff.

Parents Voice

If you would like to contribute to our monthly newsletter, any items of interest will be welcome Thank you!!


Easter Hamper Cards Winners - Congratulations

First Prize: Annie Mae O Doherty     Fourth Prize:  Liam Cullen

Second Prize: Gearard Cullen          Fifth Prize:  M. Lagzdins

Third Prize: Senan Mc Gowan

We wish to thank everyone who donated prizes & sold lines.  We raised almost €800.00.  All monies fundraised go towards improving your childcare centre.  Thank you for your continued support


Bonus Ball Winners


Saturday 28th March €68.00 Winner: ChristinaMcDonald

Saturday 04th April

No Winner : ROLLOVER

Saturday 11th April €19.00 Winner: Sandra Dunmore                                                                           

    Free Play - Take time out and have fun with your kids

In the folk story Something From Nothing by Phoebe Gilman, we read the story of Joseph, a young boy whose grandfather makes him a beautiful blue blanket when he is born. As the years go by and the blanket becomes worn, Grandfather recycles it. He makes the blanket into other things that the boy can use: a jacket, a vest, a tie and finally a cloth-covered button. We can learn a lesson from this lovely old tale. We can also make something from nothing with our children. It is fun to use things that we already have in the house and save money by doing so.

Play music. Turn on the radio and play along with homemade instruments. Of course pots and pans make great drums, but so do old coffee cans. Fill up containers with beans, lentils and anything else you can find that makes a noise. How do the filled containers sound similar? Which ones sound different? Please make sure that your containers are well sealed so your child cannot eat or possibly hurt himself with the contents. Don’t forget to enjoy the easiest instruments of all — our voices as we sing along, our feet as we tap the rhythm, and our hands as we clap along.

Make homemade play-dough. Take 2 cups of baking soda, 1½ cups of water and 1 cup of cornstarch. Mix them together with a fork until smooth. Boil over medium heat until the mixture gets thick. Spoon the mixture onto a plate or wax paper and let it cool. This is not an edible play-dough — it won’t taste very good, but it will be fun to play with!

Blow bubbles. Straw bubbles are a fun and easy activity to play with children. Just mix up a bubble solution using a mild liquid dishwashing detergent: 1 ounce of detergent for each 2 cups of water is all you will need to get started. Put a bit of the solution on a plate and let your child blow into the mixture through a straw, making lots of bubbles. Make sure that no one sucks in through the straw; it will taste pretty horrible! Create bubble wands out of found objects (straws, pipe cleaners, strawberry baskets, cookie cutters and coat hangers) and have your own bubble festival.

Enjoying time together can be easy and inexpensive at the same time. So go ahead and make collages, go to the playground, and take nature walks. Play games such as Follow the Leader and Red Light, Green Light or just roll on the floor together. There are so many possibilities for fun with our kids!!!






























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