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Have you seen the Dolphins In Bunratty?

Dolphins visit Bunratty On April 1st if someone suggested to you that you go to Bunratty village to see the Dolphins in the river, you would have thought that they were joking or playing an April fools joke on you. You would have been forgiven for not 'taking the bait' and going to Bunratty to see the dolphins.

Well now some days later, the dolphins still are there and there and people are starting to believe the almost unbelievable. Yes it is true, there are dolphins in the river in Bunratty (Ralty River), and the dolphins are right there alongside the landmark Durty Nelly's pub. It is almost as if this were a publicity stunt and the dolphins were 'schooled' in marketing the historic pub and castle.

... still don't believe me, well then, you will have to visit and see for yourself. Not sure where to go, just have a look at the map on this myinfo site. It is well worth a trip and Durty Nelly's serves the best pint of Guiness in Ireland I am told.

If anyone would like us to publish any photographs that they have of the Bunratty Dolphins the dolphin watchers or Bunratty village, please send these to info@myinfo.ie and we will set up a Gallery to share your photographs. We also would encourange anyone, young or old who would like to send in a drawing of the dolphins to do so and we will be pleased to display these and credit them to your name.

On a more serious note...

More about the dolphins in Bunratty The Irish Wale and Dolphin Group (IWG) was advised on Sunday 31st March that 3 bottlenose dolphins were seen swimming in the muddy Creek near the Bunratty Castle.  Bottlenose dolphins are a costal species and the Shannon Estuary is a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) for bottlenose dolphins. However, it is unusual to find bottlenose dolphins in the Ralty River as high up as Durty Nelly's pub.

The dolphins are reported not to be stressed and appear to be feeding. However, there is an ongoing watch on the Dolphins and they are being monitored continually. The authorities do not at this stage plan to intervene and the public are asked not to disturb the animals.

Latest reports are that the Dolphins are able to move freely up and down the river and are not daunted by the bridge as was originally thought.

You can find out more information about the Bunratty Dolphins on the IWG site.

Please do not disturb or do anything to distress the Dolphins

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