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Welcome to the Burren Free Range Pork Site.  Situated in Kilfenora, County Clare, Burren Free Range Pork supplies the finest quality Irish pork.

Eva and Stephen Hegarty, have a small herd of free range, rare breed pigs (Saddleback and Tamworth) since 2007. Based in the Burren, Kilfenora, Co Clare, the pigs are reared in the best possible environment – they have extensive fields to roam and root in and a warm comfortable shed to shelter in when weather conditions are wet and cold. 
Rare breed Pigs - Burren Free Range Pork
The pigs are fed whey, supplied by local cheese maker (whey is a good source of protein and the pigs love it!) They are also fed a lot of fruit and vegetables as well as a nutritious compound in addition to the grass and roots that they find themselves in the fields. People often don't know that pigs are big grass eaters! We don't overstock to make sure there is always plenty of grass for them.  The pigs are very healthy and so far never been subject to any sort of medication or growth promotors. Happy pigs produce delicous meat! You are welcome to purchase our meats at our stall at the farmer's markets in Ennis and Ennistymon or visit our farm by appointment.
We have been awarded by The Bridgestone Guide 2010-2012 and always get very good feedback on the pork meat and bacon from our customers. The sausages are high meat content (82 %) and very popular.

" The sausages that we get from Burren Free Range Pork bare no resemblance to anything that you will get in the supermarket, thankfully! Having got used to these sausages I now cannot stomach normal sausages as they seem so pink and pasty in comparison. Eva's sausages have gone down VERY well at barbeques with guests and they are always asking where we got them. While they are obviously more expensive than normal sausages it is worth buying them. There is virually no fat to drain off, and you can see that this is actual meat and so it does not feel like an unhealthy meal option. For anyone who is health concious but loves sausages I think these are a good choice. Thank you to Burren Free Range Pork for putting the effort into producing good quality food that takes the pig's quality of life into consideration too." Maria Kinsella Wood - Kylemore

“We have been buying pork from Burren Free Range Pork since they started the business. We've tried the pork belly, roast, minced pork, chops, rashers and sausages. They are all sublime. We just keep coming back from more. Healthy, delicious, sustainable. Ispini exceptional! Maith thú, Eva!” - Tony Kirby, Caherblonick, Kilnaboy Co An Chláir



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Free range pork sausages 
82% meat content
Price: €15.00



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Contact:Eva Hegarty
Telephone:065 7088931
Mobile:086 8815974
Web page:www.burrenfreerangepork.com

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