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There are many wise books in the world in which smart people talk about how to become happy and successful. They explain in detail what and how to do to achieve the desired result. Unfortunately, everything in life is much more complicated. You can read thousands of different books and learn all the laws of success and happiness, but knowing them does not mean being happy and successful in real life. Every person receives from life what he or she deserves. The main thing is to be able to wait. The Lord rewards patience. However, not all people want to wait. Therefore, they make many mistakes. Those who want everything from life at once get disappointed very quickly.

The most important things in our life are purposefulness, hard work, and patience. Such qualities help to achieve success. However, sometimes, there are obstacles that need to be overcome with dignity. It is necessary to withstand the challenges – the fate of human is full of surprises, both good and not very pleasant. People have to overcome some trials all the time. Nevertheless, having overcome difficulties, a person becomes stronger and more enduring.

An Example of the Life Lesson

This story happened to one person. Bill was a very purposeful young man. This guy was a high school student. As you know, at this age, teenagers need money for fashionable clothes and meetings with their peers. Bill decided to find a part-time job in order to become financially independent. He worked as an assistant at a construction site. The work was quite difficult, but it brought a good income. However, he felt very uncomfortable here. The thing is that some guys who worked with him used drugs. The worst thing was that they brought drugs to the workplace. Bill had been enduring such a situation for a long time, but one day he decided to say everything he thought of one of these boys. He said that he did not like the fact that they were using drugs at work. As a result, a quarrel and a fight broke out. Bill woke up lying on the floor; he was covered with blood. His colleagues called the chief. The boss decided to fire both young men. As it turned out later, Bill’s colleague began treatment for drug addiction and got rid of this disease. Today, the main character of this story regrets that he started the conflict.


The main mistake of Bill was that he started a conflict. He understood that drug addicts are inadequate people and their reaction could be very unpredictable. He should have started a conversation more correctly or should have told his boss about that situation. Then Bill would have been able to avoid not only the beating but dismissal too. Personal opinion and the desire to speak the truth are important and correct feelings. However, sometimes it is necessary to write my essay online cheap first in order to adopt the correct conclusions. Bill’s lesson can teach many young people how to avoid dangerous situations.

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