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At Byron Publishing Company, we provide services covering most genres and markets. We are a new Irish-based publisher and our aim is to take care of all our authors’ needs. By working closely with each and every author involved with the company, we will get your book to the places you wish for it to be.

This is done with the love and care that is required, no matter if you are a first time author or if this is your tenth book. We focus on the individual author by giving him or her our complete attention in all aspects of their novel.

If you decided to publish with us, we include everything within your contract, but what makes it even better is that not only do you get all the great benefits our company offers but you still keep all rights to your work, meaning you have complete control.

Starting from our high standards when employing our editors and artists and those you will be working with in marketing, our authors never feel ignored once their book is published. We offer many services, from traditional publishing to indie services such as editing, cover design, formatting, and marketing. Feel free to contact us regarding all genres for these services. At Byron Publishing Company we wish to help you get to the place you deserve to be. 

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