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Let us help you to make sense of all the red tape and paperwork involved in a business. We know how hard it is to juggle everything in a new business or small business.

You need to be the Marketing manager- Sales Manager- Transport Manager and Financial Manager.


Why should you do it all yourself?


You will be surprised how little it will cost for us to maintain your financial records. We can promise it will be less than employing an Accounts Assistant.

Our services include:


We will attend to all of your bookkeeping requirements either at your place of business using your own accounting package or remotely using our own- we use Sage and Big Red Book and also can complete manual accounts. Use our services hourly, weekly , biannually or annually. It is your choice.

Year end accounts

We will prepare your accounts for the year end filing. Ready for your accountant to sign off


VAT compliance is essential in all businesses, we will complete your bimonthly and annual VAT returns and submit to the relevant authorities


Small businesses can rarely afford a payroll assistant, we will attend to your payroll needs including Weekly or Monthly processing and year end returns- P60 and P35.

Business Admin

There are often times when invoice queries take up your time, we will attend to all of the little things that crop up such as business correspondence, dealing with clients and suppliers. We have many years experience in an office environment. 

Credit Control.

Credit Control is the most important part of keeping your business thriving, start as you mean to go on and control your clients bills. Poor credit control has ruined many agreat business. We will deal with your clients in an experienced, businesslike manner from our offices or from your own place of business.


If it relates to your business we make it our business


Why not take advantage of our 1-hour free no-strings consultation?


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Message from Carol on April 4, 2015, 3:06 pm
If you have any questions on what you need to know to run your business or Start one, leave a message and we will try to help. It does not need to be about Accounts.

We have put together helpful links to various websites all relating to setting up a business



The Company Registration Office is introducing new legislation in June 2015 if you are thinking about going from Sole Trader to Company, we have copied the basics so visit the site for all other info.

  • From June 1st 2015, all directors of companies must be over the age of eighteen.
  • From June 1st 2015, any director of a company who is subject to a foreign disqualification subsequent to their appointment, must file a form with the CRO. (This does not apply to directors who filed a form B74 with their notice of appointment - only to disqualifications not notified to the CRO previously). See Director Duties page.
  • From June 1st 2015, a new company type, a private company limited by shares under Part 2 of the Companies Act 2014, (LTD company) can be registered with the CRO and this company type can be a single-director company. This will be the only company type that can have a single director. See LTD company page.
  • From June 1st 2015, existing private limited by shares companies can decide to convert to this type, if suitable, or else they should convert to a Designated Activity Company (DAC) limited by shares.
  • From June 1st 2015, there will be changes to the registration of charges procedures. A new method of notifying the CRO is being introduced as the new Act is introducing a change to the priority of charges. See Mortgages page.
  • From June 1st 2015, the "Slavenburg file" will be closed and it will no longer be possible to submit particulars of a charge which does not relate to a registered company. Related to this, it will no longer be possible for an external company to register a Place of Business.
  • From June 1st 2015, it will only be possible for an external company which is a limited liability company to register with the CRO. Such external companies can register as a Branch EEA or a Branch Non-EEA.
  • From June 1st 2015, all existing external companies registered as Places of Business will be deleted.
  • From June 1st 2015, the voluntary strike-off procedure will become a formal procedure under the new Act. It will be possible for objections/cancellations to be submitted with regards to this within a 90-day period. The voluntary strike-off application will have to be made by all of the directors of the company.
  • From June 1st 2015, there will be a number of changes to the B1 form (annual return).
  • The Act provides for a four-fold categorisation of offences into Categories 1 to 4. Throughout the Act, offences are, as created, categorised as attracting a particular category of penalty.


But for anyone not interested in setting up a Company, there are many places where you can start.  The first place to go is your local Enterprise Centre. They are all over the country and you should have one near you.  This is an excellent starting point. They provide Advice, Courses and Support, most of which is free. The website is: Our advice is to try to enrol on their Start your own Business courses. They run for about ten weeks and cost very little, even less if you are on Jobseekers Benefit.


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