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Canon Printer Is Not Pulling In Papers

A printer offers reliable services that become an accustomed part of your daily life. But when your printer suddenly refuses to feed paper into its output mechanism, plan on substituting diagnostic procedures for page output until you track down the source of this issue.

For Canon printers this can be related to internal media conditions or paper quality. In most cases, paper not feeding properly can be accompanied by paper jams too. In order to resolve this issue for good, Canon Support has come with this blog to examine your printer and your media closely to locate and correct the errors due to your printing is not peckishing.

  • Remove any jammed paper from your printer (if any). Pull papers out from the feeder in the direction that the papers were travelling.
  • The above method will help you avoid any failures to the rollers and also associate plastic components.
  • Allow your printer to reset itself; turn your peripheral device off and then on.
  • Lift covers and lids, and wipe the surface of rollers with a soft cloth or swab.
  • A white cloth will help you to detect dirt particles that come off the rollers. Clean gently with a cloth, until no more dirt appears and then leave the rollers to dry.
  • After you do this, load fresh, dry papers into the feeder, but don’t overfill.
  • Set the paper aligners/ guide so that it fits the paper. You will see embossed marking on the tray that represents the size.
  • If you are using A4 size sheets, then place papers accordingly and make sure the papers are stacked perpendiculars to the tray.
  • Now, assign a job to the printer.

If you encounter any issue; have more queries regarding this or other matters, you can contact Canon Printer Customer Care Number UK. Here our experts have got a keen eye for details and years of experience under their belt. Just call Canon Customer Support Number @ 0800-098-8674 today and you will be blown away by their work excellence and proven customer service.


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