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Career Guidance is not what we are about because we will never tell you what you should or shouldn't do. We do however offer an award winning complete career profiling and coaching service for adults and Students where together we "find your ideal Career".

Coaching is founded on the basic principal the each individual instinctively knows what is right for them and the role of your coach is to facilitate this process. Our Services include:-

  • Career coaching for Adults and Students to help you find your ideal career and
  • Psychometric Profiling to help you identify your own special talents and create awareness by highlighting your Personality, Interests, Values and Skills.

Start Your Own Business

Interview Training

Psychometric Profiling

Strudent Career Guidance

Career Coaching Solutions - start your own business Career Coaching Solutions - Interview training and CV writing Career Coaching Solutions - Psychometric Profiling Career Coaching Solutions - Student Career Guidance

The Career Options offers suitable careers across 5 sectors:-

  1. Starting your own business profiling
  2. CV and Interview Training
  3. CAO completion
  4. Students -subject choice
  5. Students -find the best college for you


Career Coaching Solutions was founded by Marian Walsh.  Marian has,more than 20 years of experience in key sales and marketing positions; in the tourism and hospitality trade; as well as having been at the head of her own business in this busy sector.


A world of opportunities from careercoachingsolutions.ie

Marian built her reputation in the hospitality sector, where her track record in Sales & Marketing was a byword for success. She is known to friends and colleagues as a self-starter with a positive mental attitude. She is regarded as honest, ambitious, independent, self-confident, understanding, co-operative, assertive, expressive, warm, generous and friendly.

For Marian, Career Coaching Solutions was an ideal opportunity to fulfill her goal of helping people to see that the obstacles, however large, are by no means insurmountable.

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Contact:Marian Walsh
Address:15 College Green

Mobile:086 7827614
Web page:www.careercoachingsolutions.ie

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