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Carl Shane Kistel is having an immense amount of experience as a wildlife specialist, naturalist, and part-time backcountry wilderness guide. He also has a passion for outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking, backpacking, camping, and many more. He currently resides in Davidson, North Carolina.

Apart from being a nature enthusiast, he is having many years of expertise in the personal and business insurance sales sector. He also has working experience as a professional Pharmaceutical and Medical Sales Representative, NC Licensed Life and Health Insurance Sales. He holds degrees in both BS in Finance and Minor in Marketing from Radford University.

Carl John Shane Kistel III who highly believes in the wilderness and is passionate about activities like hiking, trekking, and climbing; presents the important tips to follow when planning for a hiking tour. “Hiking is one of the thrilling outdoor activities where one can have a lot to explore and enjoy," says Carl. People usually go for this activity to seek adventure, or just to relax, breathe in the fresh air, or to enjoy nature.

If there is no time left to decide what you will take along with you and what tips you need to keep in mind while hiking; it’s better to follow the below-mentioned tips that will make your tour adventurous and memorable.

Tips You Should Follow When Planning a Hiking Tour

Practice with a heavy pack

Start practicing with a heavy pack. When you practice, carry a pack that is heavier than what you will be actually carrying on the actual day or trip while hiking. If you do so, you will have more fun while hiking and you will be less likely to get injured. A great tip is to fill your pack with lots of water or wood.

Make your strides shorter

Taking short strides will help you save energy. When you take longer strides, your heel hits the ground harder and digs in. So, make sure you take shorter strides.

Take frequent breaks in between

Take frequent breaks as it gives you time to recharge and helps you feel fresh. During the break, take off your shoes; let your socks dry, and your feet breathe. You will feel relaxed if you sit down and elevate your feet to circulate blood and refresh your muscle's oxygen supply. Keeping these little things in mind will help you enjoy your tour”, says Carl Shane Kistel.

Wear good quality hiking boots

It is always recommendable to wear good quality hiking shoes as per your feet comfort. You should choose one that is lightest and the most breathable. If your boots are a bad fit for you, it will take away all the fun of the hiking in the long run.

Know your pace and adjust your schedule accordingly

While performing hiking tour training, keep an eye on your pace. If you know you are taking long, you can start earlier. This will allow you more hiking time. You must ensure your speed and your limits; so that you can exercise on how you should adjust your schedule to enjoy your trip more.




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