WELCOME to Cassley Meats


Welcome to Casley Meats - the premier butcher in Shannon.

We offer a full range of meat products, always prepared to the highest standards. We continually strive to produce something different and interesting for our customers.

Whether you want a Sunday roast or a Saturday breakfast special.  Visit us for our latest special offers.

Shannon Butcher


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Spatchcock Chicken 
I you have ever enjoyed a meal at a Nandos restaurant, you will know that this is the best way to prepare chicken especially if it is to be cooked on the barbecue. We even prepare the chicken marinated any of the Nandos special sauces.
No Charge
Spatchcock Chicken
Award winning boerewors 
Typical South African sausage - boerewors (meaning farmers sausage) is now produced and sold in Ireland. Casleys have received awards for their boerewors sausage.
Price on request
Award winning boerewors
T-Bone Steak (on the bone) 
Get the best of both worlds - fillet and sirloin with the added taste that comes from frying the meat on the bone.
Price on request
T-Bone Steak (on the bone)
Boston Chicken 
Boned, rolled and stuffed chicken ready to cook for the Sunday roast. All you need is the oven.
Price on request
Boston Chicken

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Address:Cassley Meats
Cronan Gardens, Shannon
Telephone:061 364908
Mobile:061 364908

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