WELCOME to Chong-Kang-Healtcare

Welcome to Chong Kang Healtcare & Therapy Centre

Chang Kang provides deep tissue massage for the person that is having problems with there neck sholder back.

CUPPING promotes the free flow of vital energy and blood circulation,helps the body to work more efficiently thereby restoring health,it is also an excellent way to treat sports injuries.

MOXIBUSTION regulates the smooth flow of Qi and blood in the body,it warms the meridians,expelling cold and dampness from the warms certain points with a slow heat that penetrates deeply into sore and painful muscles.lastly it stimulates the immune system to prevent disease and keep the body healthy.

We also have a top of the range ZhouLin Bio frequency spectrum healtcare set

Contact details for Chong-Kang-Healtcare

Contact:You cummins
Address:East Village Medical Centre Douglas
Room 5 First Floor

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