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Chromecast is the name which has been given by Google to its two-wonderful streaming dongle Chromecast and Chromecast Audio. You just need to connect them with your TV and speakers and they will enable you to stream the content of your choice whether its videos, music, TV shows or movies. You will need to have Chromecast App Download so that you can stream through your smartphone or tablet.

The Chromecast built-in is the same streaming capability incorporated into a product like TV or speakers and for streaming the content there will no need of any dongle. For operating this, you need to Download Chrome Cast app known as Google Home.

ll this is possible only if you have Google Chromecast Download in your phone. Your content gets streamed from cloud directly so your phone’s battery will not be drained quickly because of streaming. Any call or notification will not interfere your streaming. You can also stream content form your PC just by Chromecast Extension Download.


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