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Yahoo is one of the oldest webmail service provider. It is a web based email service which has always given the best user experience and offers great features. Yahoo mail gives the biggest storage space in the industry to all its users and hence you do not have to worry about regularly deleting your emails. The 1TB storage space offered by Yahoo to its users for storing data is more than sufficient. Apart from that it is one of the most reliable email service available today. With decades of experience at hand Yahoo mail gives its users the assurance of reliability. Another big advantage of yahoo mail is that it is feature rich and easily customizable. You can use the account through various desktop email clients too using POP and IMAP. The personalization and security features in the email also provide great relief to the users. These days almost every business communication takes place through emails and they are also used increasingly for personal communication and hence the need for security is really great. Yahoo mail has all the parameters that ensure the security and privacy of your email account. Although, Yahoo mail is easy to use and very user friendly yet the users can face various challenges in using their email account. The problems related to account access, security concerns, login issues, etc. can arise in front of the users. If you are facing any such problem and want Yahoo Support you can always dial the Yahoo Customer Support for help. The experts will provide you complete technical assistance for the problems immediately.

One of the biggest concerns with email accounts in general has been security. Although, email service providers have all the measures to ensure that the user account security is never compromised still problems related to account settings arise in front of the users. This situation can get really scary at times and sensitive and confidential information is stored in the emails and the emails also work as the point of contact and confirmation for financial information through banks and hence monetary frauds can also be carried out using the emails. Email have been the favorite more of operation for online phishing and they are also used for planting dangerous programs in your system. Hence, it is important that you understand the risks of your actions through emails.

Never disclose your security information to anyone: Disclosing your account password or other information which can help in gaining access to your email account can prove to be fatal for the security of your account. You must never disclose such information to anyone. Cybercriminals use fraudulent emails to ask innocent looking information but this can later be used to crack up your email account and hence such emails should never be answered. If you have told this information to any of your friends or relatives in any situation you should change the passwords immediately.

Never click on the links given in the emails: You may at times get emails from your bank claiming to verify your account details or with any other pretext, you must never click on any such link. Such emails are used by cybercriminals to take you to phony sites which may look like your bank’s official website and may also have similar looking URL but they are just sham. They will ask you to enter your username and password and everything will be recorded in real time. They will use this information for carrying out monetary frauds. You must never click on any such link. If you get any such mail open your bank’s website directly in the browser or call your bank to verify the details.

Stay away from suspicious looking emails: Suspicious emails from unknown senders claiming that you have won millions of pounds or someone wants to give away his or her property to you are fake and fraudulent. This doesn’t happen in real life scenario. You cannot win a lottery which you have not bought and no one searches on the internet to give away life savings. You will get duped in the end.

Never open attachments from unknown senders: Ransomware, spyware, rootkits, Error, bugs, worms, etc. can come into your system through freeware and other sources too but the best way is through emails as they would not have to pass through the antivirus security. Malicious emails containing attachments can harm your system and data seriously and you should always stay away from them. Recent ransom ware attack which has affected thousands of computers at once spanning in more than 90 countries is an example of such attacks carried out through emails. If you are getting emails from unknown senders carrying attachments then you should always be cautious before opening them as they can infect your system.

Treat emails with lucrative offers suspiciously: if you have received emails regarding unclaimed funds which need your bank account number or other such information, etc. then you should get alert immediately as these emails are from fraudsters. Such emails are a part of cybercrime and used extensively for online phishing. At times you may even get such mails from known email accounts too. That may mean that the account of the sender has been compromised and you must bring that to notice. Your alertness can prevent cybercrime from taking place.

Yahoo mail has been working relentlessly to provide best services to its users. However, technical problems can still arise in any service. If you are also facing any such problem you can immediately dial the Yahoo Support Number for help. You will be provided complete technical assistance immediately.

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