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Welcome to the 2013 Adidas Predator LZ II TRX David Beckham Indoor Soccer site

Football golden boy David Beckham will play the final home game of his career, in order to commemorate this important moment, a partner for many years through miadidas order special edition adidas Predator Lethal Zone as Beckham race shoes.

Inspired by the British flag, white red and blue woven uppers, Adidas Predator child's name embroidered on the four represented the father's love for children, as well as an important career back number - 7,23,32, these shoes are so unique significance.

Express my highest respect! David Beckham bid farewell to the war especially boots!

David Beckham said: This for me is a really special moment, I am very happy adidas always supported me to become a partner, in order to commemorate this moment I would like to give my hometown achievements utmost performance in the final game.

adidas Predator LZ TRX FG boots in any weather conditions have perfect control of the ball. Predator ® element technology to further enhance the accuracy of the adipower Predator ®, Falcon ® family ever make it into the most precision soccer shoes.


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