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We are surrounded by light and most people know that overexposure to sun light could be unsafe. What exactly they do not realize is that analysis has established that exposure to safe infrared (light emitting diodes) light therapy can be used intended for treatment along with assist with the rehab of specific health conditions.

Infrared LED light therapy was primary investigated in the U.S. by NASA for use in the U.S. Space Program pertaining to plant growth, and then studied for it's health benefits intended for astronauts.

Amazingly LED Light Therapy has been demonstrated to help the body's natural healing at a cellular level.

Dr. Harry Whelan, a neurology professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin and top Light Therapy researcher explains that light is responsible for all biochemistry in nature. Colors are the wavelengths that affect hormones, neurotransmitters, enzymes and most of chemistry in the entire body.

To survive, grow, and heal - your body's cells turn sugars directly into vitality. They actually so through an enzyme, cytochrome oxidase, which carries electrons during the energy-transfer process.

Dr. Whelan's research shows that light particles in the LED give the cytochrome electrons energy it typically would likely get from sugar. LED Light in essence feeds your bodys cells - similar to nutrition.

What exactly can LED Light Therapy accomplish as an alternative to UVB therapies for those battling Psoriasis and other Severe Epidermis Disorders?

And thousands of people globally are being impacted by psoriasis, eczema, acne breakouts, and other severe skin problems. UVB Treatment is not the only answer. Light Therapy, using light-emitting diodes (LEDs), often called Phototherapy, has been verified medically for being risk-free, powerful, and carries no negative side effects for the treatment of epidermis conditions.

Light Sound has developed light therapy products that produces a unique mix off light frequency plus wavelength of safe, low level, infrared light. Light therapy can also be used to efficiently treat minor muscular and joint aches, sprains, back pain, muscle spasms, the soreness and also stiffness regarding joint disease, plus more.

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