WELCOME to Dundalk-Homeless-Support-Group

Welcome to Dundalk Homeless Support Group

The Dundalk Homeless Support Group started on the 26th December 2016.

Too many homeless people are left unnaccounted for within the Dundalk area, too many of the homeless community are becoming rough sleepers due to current homeless facilities within the town closing their doors to the plight of the homeless, or due to the homeless "not meeting the stardards required" in order to avail of the homeless facilities.

The Dundalk Homeless Support Group aims to fill in the gaps left behind and to fully ensure that no man or woman is left behind.

Volunteers needed;

Feet On The Street Group (people willing to help with soup/hot food/sandwich runs on an evening)

Man With A Van (to help make the above runs possible until permanent transport is available/secured)

Campaigning Group (people willing to volunteer some time to help raise awareness and support)

Donation Group (people willing to help secure donations of food for the evening runs from local businesses or collect kind donations from the community and to secure sponsors)

General Assistant/Admin (to help keep records etc)

Ideas Group (people who are good at formulating inspirational ideas in ways the homeless can be actively and consistently helped/supported)


There will be many more volunteers needed through the progression of this group. Please keep in mind we have only been open since Dec 26th 2016 and would love you to be an active part in getting off the ground.

If you are interested in any of the above please send a message on the Contact Us tab giving your position of interest and contact details, or indeed any suggestions you may have.

Many thanks.

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Contact:Kels Adams


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