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One of the most interesting things that are at the forefront is none other than electronic cigarettes. I always get to hear about news on e cigarettes or maybe, because I am an e cig lover and a user, I look for its updates. I must say that there are lots many smokeless cigarette brands that are vying for the top dog within the industry. They are claiming to be the best e cigarettes out there. Every now and then, I come across the advertisements, be it on television or web. Though I am quite impressed with it but I have noticed that the manufacturers tend to exaggerate the features of e cigarettes.

I have a doubt that whether the exaggerated claims are genuine? Definitely, there are companies that aggressively use marketing strategies. Well, as per my opinion, vapor cigarettes are almost spot-on. I believe that the claims that are made by the brands are truly damaging. It is because people get lured towards the brands and buy electronic cigarettes that are not worthy. As per my perception, what’s worse is that the brands don’t test their own products but ensures to provide the best electronic cigarette products to customers.

I think especially the newcomers are affected as they start growing expectations. I, as an individual would appreciate if people go through the electronic cigarette reviews. Blu cig is definitely a well known brand and the blu cig reviews are excellent. V2 Cigs is another one of the best e cigs in the market that are appealing lot of customers. I think these are some of the brands that truly deserve to be at the top spot. Therefore, I would consider that the exaggeration just doesn’t add up, it’s the quality that adds up to the features of an e cigs.

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