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Earthlink is an IT company having headquarter in Atlanta. The company provides email account to its customers. A username and password is provided to the customer through which he can login and send and receive emails. The email account can easily be added to any smart phone and can easily be configured with email client application like Outlook. The Earthlink service user can register the complaints, or can pay the bills or can request for the change of the plan for television or internet etc. 

Person can anytime change the username and the password provided to it by the company. Usually the passwords are auto generated and very difficult to remember. So it is better to change that password. So here it is shown, how to change the password of the Earthlink email account.
Open the login page of Earthlink email.

Enter the user id in the field.

Enter the password.

Earthlink provides the facility to have more than one profiles  so user first have to select the profile for which he wanted to change the password.

The in front of the profile password, click on the button or link, Edit.

In the field appeared, enter the new password, retype it to confirm.

Save the settings.

Now login with the new changed password.

Call for the earthlink email technical support if there is any issue or difficulty in resetting the password.


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