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Twitter is one of the trending social sites which is used by most of the people to reading and posting the tweets. Specially the celebrities like sport persons, Filmstars , Big Businessman, Politician or Social activists uses twitter to connect with the people all around the Globe. They Tweet the things which they want to be deliver to the followers .

Twitter has a concept of followers in which people usually follows their role models or whom they get inspired of . In this way they get to know what their favourite people is doing in their real life. Twitter account is famous from the time it has launched and most of the famous personality of different fields are using it. And not only the big personality but the other normal people also use twitter to get the update and even can tweet on someone timeline and ask whatever they want.

Sometimes you can face issues with Twitter like twitter not updating then you do not need to panic ,you just need to follow the below steps in which different methods have been mentioned to resolve the issue within the seconds. Just go through the below steps and resolve the issue.

  1. First you need to check whether your internet connection is working or not. Check the connection and login to twitter again.
  2. You should also clean your cache and cookies of your browser , this can also be the problem.
  3. Updating issue can also be generated because of Twitter Password Reset also , it happens when you change your password frequently.

If you are facing any issue because of the password reset then you should follow the below steps.

  1. First you need to open the Twitter login page on your browser.
  2. Now click on forget password and it will take you to next page.
  3. Now provide your gmail id or phone number to receive the password reset link.
  4. Now click on the link and fill the security questions and reset the new password and confirm the password .
  5. Then you need again do the login on Twitter with the new password and you will be able to login.
  6. Now click refresh on the Twitter feed and you will be able to see the updated twitter.

Above steps will be helpful to you for Twitter Password Recovery. In case you still not able to update the Twitter then you can reach out to the customer care of Twitter by dialling their customer care number. They will help you with all your queries by giving you right solution and assistance.


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