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Epson printers are highly praised all over the world for offering different impressive features, faster speed, and high-quality prints. In spite of such amazing features, users may face some technical issues that may frustrate them sometime. One of such common issue is Printer spooler error. The spooler service is a program which temporarily stores the print jobs on the system’s hard drive to print when printer gets ready. The reason may be many but the solution is easy. Here, I have mentioned how you can manually start the printer spooler service. Read and follow the instructions mentioned below to complete the task.

  • Start your system and login as administrator to reach the desktop screen.
  • Once logged in, click the Start menu button and select Control Panel to open a new window.
  • When Control panel window opens up go to System and Security link.
  • Doing this will open a new screen, click Administrative Tools folder from the available options.
  • Now, make a double-click on Services option and keep continue with further steps.
  • The screen will show a list all the available system services on your laptop.
  • Next, scroll down the page and locate Printer Spooler section. When found click it to open its options.
  • Thereafter, click Start the Service link located in the upper-left corner of the window to start the Epson printer spooler service manually. A user can note one thing here is that spooler service is always active and now you have to click on Restart the Service link.

         Check if your printing machine is doing well now.

  • Furthermore, also make sure that you have accurately configured your Epson printer and you have installed the latest driver program on your machine.
I hope the above-mentioned instructions will fix the Printer Spooler error and users will not confront any further issue. But still, if the problem persists, you can take experts help by dialing a toll-free number Epson Printer Customer Service UK @ 0800-098-8674. We are leading third-party service providers for Epson users and are capable to handle the user’s situation within a limited time. Don’t hesitate to move ahead with your queries to us as contacting us will relieve you from all crises. 
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