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Islam establishes justice, fairness and equity in the distribution and production of wealth. Islam have also mentioned a complete system of ownership of means of livelihood. Though, it identifies that like other natural things there is no fairness among peoples regarding the possession of worldly wealth and economic means. This difference has been presented by the Holy Quran as a part of Divine economic order. The Holy Qur’an does not consider these differences in the supply of Divine sustenance as reward or punishment and does not attempt to remove them, because no two persons have been blessed with hundred percent equal physical and mental abilities.


It also proves that Islam has not bound all Muslims to visit Holy places of Makkah and Medina. For this process, financial stability is must. So only these Muslims who are financially sound, they must perform hajj and must avail Islamic Pilgrimage Tour. Here, again Islam endorses ideology of equity in all walks of life. We need to practice it in our private and public matters.  


Taking the presence of inequalities as a part of divine system, the Holy Quran directs its followers not to want those things in which Allah Almighty has made some of them surpass others. By promoting some of you over others by favouring some of you over others in necessities or in rank, Allah in fact tests and tries the human beings whether they are grateful to Him in good conditions and patient in adverse times.

Although, Islam does not promote hundred percent fairness in distribution of economic means, yet it does not permit the difference between the poor and the rich to reach an overpowering limit where the poor live in unhappiness and rich role in luxury, deprivation and hunger. In fact, Islam stands for socio-economic fairness and safeguards equitable and fair distribution of wealth and revenue.


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