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Welcome to Evo Energy Technologies

Combined Heat and Power technology is a decentralised power generation system that guarantees advanced energy efficiency. Being an authorised 2G Partner, Evo’s cogeneration plants are electrically and thermodynamically superior.

Evo Energy Technologies is a 100% Australian Owned Company headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. Evo has pooled the technical know-how of specialists in the field of heat pump, cogeneration and heat recovery technologies. Evo offers the Australian market the best possible solutions to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Evo is an authorised Sales Partner of 2G Cogeneration Germany - the leading supplier of CHP systems worldwide. Evo Energy Technologies and its sister company Evo Industries Australia have a wealth of experience in delivering successful projects for our clients.

Evo Energy Technologies  specialize in the field of cogeneration, heat pump, and heat recovery technologies. They offers the Australian market the best possible solutions to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Evo Energy Technologies offers the Natural Gas CHP which is the most innovative and technologically advanced cogeneration plant in the world. They sell the gas cogeneration plants in configuration between 20kWh to 4000kWh.  Visit the site and browse the cogeneration plants today!!

Protect your CHP investment with Evo Energy’s 2G Biogas treatment systems. These biogas energy solutions are available with a full range of biogas cleaning equipment. Visit the site to know more about the Biogas dehumidification and reheating.

Evo Energy Technologies offers customised equipment solutions for reduction of electricity consumption, gas consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Their core area for savings are cogeneration and trigeneration technology, heat pump technology and heat recovery technology. Vist the the site to know more.

Contact details for Evo-Energy-Technologies

Contact:Nicole Chapman
Address:18 Hasp St, Seventeen Mile Rocks

Telephone:1300 859 933
Web page:www.evoet.com.au/

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