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Lose weight if from cereals? Yes!

Kashevogo diet stand apart in a series of strict meal plans: slimming usually very cautious about cereal diet because of the high carbohydrate content in cereals. But if we talk about the mono-diet, fast pohudatelnyh plans, in which the focus is on a single product, porridge show his best side, not least because of its ability to provide satiety for a long time.

Kashi able to give not only carbohydrate energy boost, but also to ensure the proportion of trace elements, vitamins and healthy fats. The main thing - to choose a high quality cereals, minimally processed without losing the integrity of, and to keep at least part of the grain shells and cook it properly.

Some cereals must be washed, or scalded, such as quinoa , with grains which before use is recommended to remove the saponin bitterish film; other grains, including oats and buckwheat preferably before use soak for several hours to neutralize phytic acid.

This substance has the unpleasant ability to degrade the absorption of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and other minerals, who is affected, for example, in the dental health and immunity. 

Porridge - the classic breakfast. It goes well with any additives, whether fresh or dried fruit, a handful of berries, honey, a little flax seed (or other seeds for harmony ).

Pre-soak and soften the corn heat treatment may not be required. Some cereals, such as buckwheat green, and does contraindicated boil, pour enough for a few hours with warm water and then rinse. Similarly, the Council is ready to unground buckwheat buckwheat-super popular diet on buckwheat .

Buckwheat diet: basic recipe

Groats rinse thoroughly under running water, let drain. Absorb in termoposudu and pour boiling water from the calculation of 2-3 cups of water to 1 cup of cereal (depending on whether the consistency of porridge you like - if you like a soft and "mazuchuyu", then, respectively, add more liquid). No salt or oil was added. Slimming buckwheat ready in 8 hours.

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Love cereals and ready to trust them with their harmony? Take advantage of the rules of the weekly buckwheat diet  or try on a "British" oatmeal diet , calculated for a period of three to ten days. These mono-diet will help you lose three to five extra pounds.

Optionally use oatmeal as a single product: cereals - an integral part of any healthy diet And, you see, sometimes frosty winter day warm plate of fresh porridge is able to deliver more joy than enticing cream cake.


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