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6 Common Mistakes Women Make

Our fellow can become our worst enemies even though we have no intention of doing so. We torture ourselves constantly and sometimes we do things we do not want just to fulfill a duty. Stop the others doing that wish against our will and, on many occasions, we underestimate our potential without realizing it.

Oscar Wilde said: ‘We are our own devil and we make this world our hell’. In some cases, the search for a supposed perfection can be one of the triggers of harmful actions that gradually affect our daily functioning. Both men and women may have these experiences, but today I want to share some ideas about the list of mistakes that women often make without even noticing. Here are some of them;

1) Apologizing All The Times

Apologizing is a mature way of assuming a mistake, but what happens when they become a vice? Many women tend to assume responsibilities that concern them and apologize for things that escape from their hands. A research conducted in Canada showed that women tend to apologize more than men. It seems that the key is to learn to recognize when it is necessary and when it is not.

2) Forcing Your Body

Many women, without realizing it, repeated over and over the cassette of perfection in their heads. The idea of having the perfectly straightened or curled hair, good makeup, wear heels and have a slim body can torture more than one, to the point of beginning to see food as the enemy. Maintaining a healthy diet is important, but who said that our menu should be a straitjacket? Begin to listen to your bodies.

3) Say Yes (or not) to All

Some women find it impossible to say ‘No’ when they are asked for a favor or made any invitation. Others, however, are difficult to say ‘yes’. When we pay attention to our true desires to meet with others, we stop being true to our own being.

4) Doubting Achievements

Have you ever felt that you do not deserve the achievements you get? In fact, women often underestimate their successes more than men. If you strive to achieve your goals, why should doubt your talent?

5) Comparing Real & Virtual

The recent studies indicate that social networks like Facebook increase negative feelings when compared to the lives of others. This can cause anxiety and relate to low self-esteem or depression. The detail is: who said that real life is like on Facebook or Instagram? Social networks are just the filters of reality.

6) Obligation of Being with Someone

Loneliness is often a source of concern for many women. The problem is that the fear of being alone can lead them to be with people with whom you may not want to be. This is not only bad for them, but also for their partners. Honesty should always be ahead. For more information visit http://www.fatlosspot.com/


The aim of this list is not to criticize the women in any way; in fact, this list is to make the fair sex realize about their open-hearted and big-hearted attitude which they express over and over again while dealing with others.



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