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Welcome To flighhighAlliance, We are a group of Aviation Geeks who are part of FlighHighAlliance.

Our Founders (contact on instagram) _Irish_Aviation_ and our Co.Founder (contact on Instagram) Geminijetsa330, Both love Airplanes. Please contact us at these names on Instagram.

We hope you enjoy our page and we would love for you to join so you can be a part of FlighHighAlliance! We Have setup a page on Instagram for Questions,Help and assistance. (Help page) _fligh_high_alliance_help_page, Please get your friends to follow us on Instagram and get them to sig up here! We need to build our Community! Step by Step,Bit by Bit. We are also on youtube! Go onto Geminijeta330,s page and find the youtube channel in his bio. We do not do any Shoutouts on Instagram,We try and keep out page full with aircraft pictures not shoutouts!! Please do not spam us or comment abusive language on our pages on Instagram or we will have to block you and report you! 


Contact details for FlighHighAlliance

Contact:Sean O Sullivan

Web page:FlighHighAlliance.com

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