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We discreetly record a Funeral Memorial to honour a person's life story for a variety of reasons; Distance, Illness, Finances, Air Travel disruptions due to volcanic ash, or otherwise.

Memories are the greatest possession we have and a Memorial Video, reminds us of our wealth of memories.

Recording the service also allows children who are too young; to understand what has happened, because it gives them the opportunity to view the service later in life with adult eyes.

Video also allows the Life History of the deceased; to be shared with friends and family around the world. You get the chance to hear again and again the wonderful things spoken about the deceased during the service and eulogy.


But they will have an opportunity to view the Funeral Ceremony at a future date, in the privacy of their own home.


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Contact:Funeral videos
Address:10 Thomas Street Dundalk Co. Louth

Web page:www.funeralvideos.ie/

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