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George Portes is working as a senior event manager in Gaithersburg, MD. He is having years of expertise in managing, creating, and developing catering and events.  He has been recognized for superior event coordination, including responsible staff management and the ability to hire only the most qualified event staff.

He is highly knowledgeable about the event industry over the years. He has received the award for Best Easter Region Event Management of the Year and has consistently delivered high-quality services to meet the need of his clients.

Here, George Portes shares his insight on event marketing and its benefits. Event marketing spreads awareness of a product at social events. When you try to create recognition at a social gathering, you can engage the potential buyer in a better way and help him experience the product personally.

Unlike the print media and televisions, events are fun and participatory. Often, this will translate prospective consumers into buyers. It makes your marketing effort cost-effective. Hence, corporate groups use events extensively”, says Mr. Portes.

Six Prominent Benefits of Event Marketing are discussed below:                        

Target Specific and Potential Audience

When you have your audience fixed, you can smartly plan your events. Attract and engage your target audience, interact and find out varied perspectives, and grab their attention by highlighting your product or service benefits.

Create a healthy brand buzz

Event marketing is the best way to viral positive and popular things about your brand. Whether you are organizing the event for a cause or to unleash a new product or for any other purpose, make sure to curate an out-of-the-box experience.

Engage with customers

Arrange an interactive session where the attendees can ask questions and provide their feedback. Clarify their doubts, explain to them about your business and build a positive brand image”, says George Portes.

Direct branding opportunities to create brand awareness

You will get numerous chances to create your brand awareness while marketing events. Make the most of it and make people aware of your products and your overall brand. Plan a giveaway or scheme and engage more and more audience. Also, you can consider availing event recruitment service and leverage their insight and experience in event marketing to boost your brand presence.

Valuable Customer Feedback

According to George Portes, “Businesses, usually, do not know their customers' opinions, such as what they feel about the particular product, what are the fallbacks and much more. Knowing these aspects from the common audience's point of view gives you valuable insight into your business performance.

Expand your contacts

Meet and greet new people and develop new connections. Especially, if your event has been conducted in any summit where there are other businesses around, you can develop connections with other business groups. Also, interact with the attendees and try to build relationships with them.


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