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You might have used Google and got best results but sometimes you may face some difficulties related to server.It is required for you to reach technical experts at that point of time.Technical team is smart enough to handle threats.To be in contact of experts,you need to reach customer service number. 

There are number of issues that has been solved by technical experts.You may see resolution to one:
How to fix Google server error?

You can solve this issue by using number of methods.You can see few of them:

Ist method:

User should first clear Google Play data. 

It is required to navigate to Settings and then Apps

Go to  Google Play and tap Clear Data.

2nd method:
First,you should navigate to “Settings”

Individual need to go to “Accounts” and then select Google under “Manage accounts”.

You need to select your account,click on three dots to open the menu 

Select the option of “Remove.”

When you get more than one account, you need to remove them all.

After the process has been done, navigate to Settings and then Accounts 

Select “Add Account”and then choose Google to add your account.

Those who still need help for the solved bug,it would be better if they connect with Google technical support team.To reach technical experts team,you should dial customer service number.Tech expert team will give you complete guidance for all threats that are bothering you.It is ensured to you that trouble will comes your way to bother you.

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