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Error message which pop-up on your HP printer will prevent you from printing documents until you clear those errors. Whenever you see a message that saying “Check Printer Cartridge Error” you have an incorrect ink cartridge, bad color cartridge then you are told to replace the cartridge. In order to bring back your printer in the running state, you must fix this issue, reset the printer and remove the error. For this, you can also take help from HP Support Assistance team members and eradicate this error from its root.  

Removing this error is not a tough task to perform; you can easily do this by applying below mentioned steps.

Look at the steps to remove check printer cartridge error on HP printer:

Section 1:

  • Turn on the printer and open its cover to remove the cartridge.
  • Put the ink cartridge back in the printer, close the cover and then turn the printer off for about a minute.
  • Turn on the HP printer and try printing a test page.
  • If this does not correct the problem, continue reading this.

Section 2:

  • When the printer is on, open its cover and remove the ink cartridge.
  • With the help of a clean, dry, lint-free cloth gently wipe the contacts thoroughly from top to bottom.
  • Put back the ink cartridge in the carriage and turn off the printer for a minute. 
  • Now, turn on the printer and print a test page to verify that problem still persists or not. If yes, then move to next section.

Section 3:

  • When the printer is on, open its cover and remove both Black and Color cartridge.
  • Remove all the connection and cables from printer and wait for one minute then again connect all of them.
  • Now, open the printer’s cover and install all cartridges, then turn on the printer.

Try printing a test page. If the quality of print is excellent it’s well-n-good and if not then try some online assistance from HP Printer Technical Support. The professionals available there will guide you accurately at your door-step within promised time frame.

Contact details for HP-Printer-Support

Contact:Paul Anderson
Address:11877 Douglas Rd

Johns Creek
United States
Web page:www.hpprintersupportpro.us/

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