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We are a site for Animal Crossing Community members only. On ACC we are a giveaway. To join our Giveaway, please visit our Recruitment Thread on ACC. To order from our Giveaway, please visit Happy Flowers Giveaway on ACC. We are still a work in progress, so deliveries may be delayed. We update our giveaway as often as possible. Thankfully, we have help that makes it easy to do this. Our Giveaway includes


-A Quiz Thread to win extra items

-A Recruitment Thread to join 

-A Giveaway Thread to order off

-A Survey to complete after an order



Here are the templates. Please copy and paste to the PT.


Delivery PT




Thank you for choosing

Happy Flowers Giveaway


I am Your Username and I will be delivering your order of:

(list Order Here)

My avaliable delivery times are listed below.

Monday: (Times)
Tuesday: (Times)
Wednesday: (Times)
Thursday: (Times)
Friday: (Times)
Saturday: (Times)

I will do my best to accomodate you at your selected time.


DO NOT request now as your time

If there is no reply to this PT within 3 days, your order will be cancelled.



Giveaway Promo's Update


Welcome to...Happy Flowers Giveaway

Rules of Ordering
~No Specific Item Orders just yet~
~We are for NL only~
~Any questions PT enidblyton123~
~Any Spam will be reported~
~Our items may NOT be used to supply other giveaways~

Our Permanent Promo's

Newbie's Galore! Newbie's only!
1 random furniture series
1 of each normal fruit
3 random furniture
3 random flowers
1 stationary
3 plants
1 accessory

It's a Party! Birthday only!
1 random furniture series
1 of each normal fruit
1 random perfect fruit
3 K.K Musics
3 Plants
1 Random Clothing Set (e.g. Chef or Rabbit)

Happy Flowers Promo
5 Random Flowers
5 Saplings/Bushes
1 Furniture Set
3 of each fruit
1 K.K Music
5 Random Items


Contact details for HappyFlowersGiveaway

Contact:Isa Peters


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