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Choose a toothpaste with ingredients extracted from nature and herb will help balance a healthy oral hygiene.

  1. Yellow teeth stains. And help stop bad breath better as aloe vera, tea tree oil, silica, peppermint and menthol .
  2. Yellow teeth problem. should use toothpastes that contain whitening agents. Focused on natural extracts such as silica as not to damage the outer layer of dentin.
  3. For people with lesions in the oral cavity should use a toothpaste that is free from the bubble. Which may cause cumulative revenue. Should natural toothpaste gel are good for oral health. joey Atlas Scam
  4. For a sensitive tooth toothpaste to prevent tooth type. Toothpaste gel texture which will reduce the amount of polishing compound.

Carmona and herbs that can help relieve Smile teeth have five. Type of toothpaste for those who suffer from gum disease. should select the type containing xylitol components. Because xylitol is a natural product. To no accumulation. And not be degraded by microorganisms to acid in the mouth. Will contribute the balance of acidity and alkalinity in the mouth good addition maintain cleanliness by brushing properly. It is important. Such as brushing teeth need to brush the gums lightly to activate the cells. And do not forget to brush your tongue to flick that tongue cleaning. Reduces bad breath is Tech. Ð. Discussion followed by a polishing step with silk. Should do at least one a day after meals or before bed to get rid of garbage made by a process, it is only prolong tooth life. Good oral health.

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