WELCOME to Horseback-Archery-Ireland

Welcome to Horseback Archery Ireland

The equestrian martial art of horseback archery was practised by many, including the Romans, the Parthians, Ghengis Khan and, most famously, the Huns, who galloped out of the east spreading terror across 5th century Europe. Renowned for their speed, manoueverability and the deadly accuracy of their arrows, Atila's horsemen ushered in the Dark Ages. Sixteen hundred years later, horseback archery is an international sport with a thrilling allure of speed, derring-do and a terrific sense of achievement on mastering horsemanship with the co-ordination of hand and eye.

There are many varieties of techniqe in the sport, from the Hungarian and Mediterranean styles practised in Eastern Europe and the near East, to the style of Yabusame from the far East. There are competitions to suit all levels – from the Aussie track to the Korean and the Hun track, to the more advanced hunt tracks, mamluk and qabak competitions.

The aim of this club is to promote the sport as a whole in Ireland. It is to be a meeting place for participants who are scattered geographically, to connect, train, and compete, and to develop both a national and regional clubs and thereby to make the sport accessible to all.

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Contact:Siobhan Manning
Mobile:086 193 0199

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