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Talking about technology and particularly phones and computer, no one can resist  Apple products it is the famous brand known all, it is one of the most used brands with its own operating system and software to support the apple products.

Apple mail is the email facility provided to all its users to send and receive email. you can send receive mail with or without attachments using apple mail.

How to add contacts to Apple mail accounts

  • 1. In order to send a mail without typing the email address, again and again, a user has to add the contacts to the apple mail directory.
  • 2. To add an address open the address book application.
  • 3. Click the Add (+) button in the contacts list to add a new contact.
  • 4. Enter the name of the person and all the address details like phone number, email id, address etc.
  • 5. You can click on add field in case you want to save additional details of the individual.
  • 6. You can also add a note in the contact by entering any special details in the note section.
  • 7. Click on save to save the contact.
  • 8. You can also import all the contacts and address that you have saved on iCloud or any other storage and save it in your apple mail contact list.

Apple mail customer support

1. You can seek help from the customer support if you apple mail is not working.
2. Go to apple official site and Click on support, you will see a welcome to apple support page, you can enter your problem and proceed ahead.
3. You can also choose contact support. Click on apple phone number around the world and choose your country, you will find the apple mail customer support phone number for example number for  US 1-844-312-7474.

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