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If we talk of printer which offers unique features and high printing quality, then HP Printer is the answer. HP Printer is the product of Hewlett-Packard which is the leading name in the field of Printer technology. Also, HP Printer is designed with advanced technology. This results in users going through various technical issues, which is generally the issue with paper jam, offline issue and other software related issues. This problem can be resolved by certified experts at HP Support. The experts available at HP Technical Support will make you understand the issue and help you to resolve it completely.


It’s quite irritating for anyone if the color printer is printing in black instead of color. One can follow some simple steps provided by HP Customer Support team and resolve the issue:

First step is to check the level of ink in the cartridge. If it’s low then replace it.

Second step is cleaning the print head using automated tool. Also, after cleaning print head, do check the printing quality with test paper. Clean print head by automated tool.


Third step is to identifying & replacing the cartridge causing issue. It’s better to use both black & tri color cartridge.


Also, if level of ink is full, then the cartridge needs to be replaced. It’s better to use original HP cartridge for replacement. Most importantly, Place it at right slot carefully.


Finally, Print a test paper to check if the issue is resolved or not.

Now, if your printer still causing same issue, contact experts at HP Printer Support.


Some other common issues with HP Printer

HP Printer is one of the best for official as well as personal use. But sometime users may experience technical issues with HP Printers. Some of them are as follows:

Issue with low printing quality.

Printer compatibility issue with some devices.

Driver Installation error.

Not able to configure Printer properly.

Issue with Spooler.

Paper Jam Issue.

Not able to connect to network.

Troubles related to ghosting of prints.


Services Offered from HP Printer Customer Service

The professionals available at HP Contact are experience and highly certified, and they will help the user to resolve issue with HP printer in shortest possible time. Following are the services offered:

Providing full help with configuration of printer with system or device.

Provide help with selecting right supporting drivers for printer.

Help in resolving issues with cartridge refilling and replacing it at proper slots.

Assistance in providing support for paper jam issue.

Resolving issue with Printer disconnecting unexpectedly.

Help in resolving Toner issue of the Printer.

Avail 24x7 support for HP Printer at HP Contact Number UK 0800-046-5242

HP printers are very advanced device and if any issue arises in it, it needs to be resolved through professional and certified help. One can get the highly experienced, certified and proficient experts at HP Customer Support UK. They first listen to the problem, then diagnose the issue and finally solve it using remote access with user permission. Also our experts offer support within the budget and offer world-class service.

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Contact:Deepali maheshwari

United Kingdom
Web page:hpsupportuk.com

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