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Where do most of your YouTube viewers live? What are the demographics of your Facebook fans? And how many people in your LinkedIn group went to Yale? These are just some of the insights you can derive simple by taking a deeper dive into the tools readily available to you-for free, no less-on your existing social media channels.

Next time you’re uploading a video to your YouTube channel, go to the My Account link and navigate to your YouTube Insights page. There you’ll uncover a wealth of information about your visitor. You’ll be able to find out the ages of the people who are looking at your videos, how many are male or female, and the total number of views your videos are getting. You’ll even be able to see how attentive people were when they were watching your video. Seriously, YouTube has analytics tools that can tell whether people are doing other activities (such as checking e-mail) while watching your videos. It’s scary. And kind of cool. Come to think of it, it’s both scary and cool all wrapped up into one.


Facebook has a similar set of tools. Facebook Insights can provide information about your total number of fans, their interactions with the page, and the number of wall posts they’ve made. It can also provide demographic information such as age and gender. And you can manipulate all of this data on easy-to-use, graphical, charts that can quickly give a snapshot of your visitors and their interactions with your Facebook page.


LinkedIn provides some good information about your connections, but it focuses more on individuals than broad swaths of people. For example, you can find out where one of your connections went to college, where that person worked, and whether he already knows some of the people you know. LinkedIn is perfect for people in sales who need to get the inside scoop on someone before smiling and dialing. It’s not as good for large-scale data analytics.


Other tools are coming online all the time. some of these tools are designed to give you insights into your visitors and followers on Twitter, Flickr, Vimeo, and other sites, so keep an eye out for them. Most of all, use them. There’s no point in having access to information unless you’re going to derive insight from your data.

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