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What To Do When Kaspersky Gets Disconnected?


When you are looking for well-rated antivirus you will find Kaspersky as one of the best or you can say near the top. It is given as best antivirus of this year by editor’s choice. If you are using it well but suddenly it got disconnected? No need to worry here are some tips to handle it get it online again for updates.

You can follow these steps to get your problem resolved. If you still can’t able to solve than contact Kaspersky support for help.

Things you can go with to get your software connected are:-

•    First of all open VPN or AIR VPN process there will find options like Scan, Update and so on. Click on additional tools to presume.
•    A new screen will appear containing Application Control, Network monitor, and reports. Click on Application controls details.
•    After that, you will have to manage Application controls based on the report.
•    Now open VPN Daemon
•    Open vpn.exe
•    Now open AirVPN-Window UI.
     Next step is to Disable the SSL scanning.
•    Don’t worry it will not harm your security because Kaspersky still has many layers that cover you.
•    After disabling it open Data encryption.
•    Go to its settings.
•    By clicking additional open up the networks.
•    When you open network you see the option like Monitor ports, Encrypted connection scanning, and Proxy server.
•    First, make sure that your Encrypted connection settings are on ‘Do not scan encrypted connections’.
•    Then make Monitored ports to ‘Monitor selected ports only’.
•    Then select your Port as you want and get started with it.

By above mentioning steps, you can get it from disconnected to connect. For further detail contact Kaspersky Support Number 1800816060, its 24*7 helpline and always ready for your help.

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