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 Lahinch Surf School

Lahinch Surf School is based at the beach hut on Lahinch promenade on the west coast of Ireland and provides a safe, relaxed and affordable introduction to the exhilarating sport of surfing.

The two-mile long beach in Lahinch with its variety of breaks caters for novice, intermediate and experienced surfers. 5 miles further south you will find Spanish Point, another perfect surfing beach. Both are some of the best places in Europe to learn surfing with the advantage of the slower rolling Atlantic waves. John McCarthy, Former Irish Surf Champ and his crew of hardcore surfdude instructors, invites you and your friends to come and experience the thrill and excitement of surfing at Irelands best known SurfSchool. Catch the your own wave!

Surf school lessons

Taking a surf lesson can lead to the surf virus. You have been warned!



If you want to look your best on your board and impress your friends on the beach, you'll want to hang with us for a bit longer! We want you to enjoy surfing, to have positive experiences and progressively learn skills that will help you love surfing as much as we do. Surfing is easy to learn when you're in the right space!

For adults the most popular course we run is the Weekend Surf Course you can take the option to allow us to arrange your accommodation and meals for you by choosing the Weekend Surf Breaks. Also for adults there is the option to do the Mid week surf course.

Lahinch - surfing at its best Ireland

For Kids and Teens we have the longest running Surf Camp in County Clare with the most highly qualified group of surf instructors possibly in the world, Click here for more info.


In case you haven't heard Lahinch is a very fun place at weekends coupled with possibly the best surf in Ireland.  If you want to get the full feel of the Surfing Capital of Ireland you have the option to to immerse yourself in a full Classic Weekend Surf Package, surf, accommodation, food, friends or do a Weekend Surf Course. The weekends suit everyone from couples to groups or if you're alone hang with everybody else! 

Lesson times

Click here for surf lesson times.



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Sincle class 
A Single Surf class is 2 hours long, 80 to 90 minutes of which is spent in the water. Adults €35, Kids €30.
Price: €30.00
Sincle class
Weekend Surf Course 
If you want to look your best on your board and impress your friends on the beach, you'll want to hang with us and do the "Weekend Surf Course", that's two lesson on Saturday and one Sunday morning, you'll be surf-satisfied and carving by the time you lea
No Charge
Weekend Surf Course
Family Lessons 
Drag Granddad along, he’ll be stoked with all the wave action! Why not join the kids and ask for the Family Rate.
No Charge
Family Lessons

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Contact:John McCarthy
Address:Main Street,

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