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Hey everyone, this website is about my life as a girl boxer and how much I love it.

I started boxing when I was 12 . My brother did it a long time before me and everytime he needed to loosen up before a fight he would do pads with me. He told my dad how good he thought I was and my dad asked me did I want to go boxing. I got a nervous feeling inside but I decided I would go for it and I said yes. He was surprised and he said "would you actually go?". So again I said yes.

I remember it being a Friday and he said "ok you can start on Monday ". It was the longest weekend for me and I was so excited waiting for Monday. But on that Sunday my brother had a show fight in the boxing club. My dad decided to bring me down that day to have a look. It was not how I imagined. When I walked into the community centre I saw a huge boxing ring and lots of boys. I waited on a bench and my dad said he would try and get me a fight. Even though I didnt even have  a training session. I waited on the bench watching people boxing and at the very end I reminded my dad to get me a fight. He got me gloves an a head guard and put me in the ring with my cousin (who did boxing for 2 years and is also a boy) and told me the rules. We started to box and I can't remember much of the fight but I knew I did good when my other cousins started to tease my cousin saying "you got bet by a girl". I got a medal and I was so proud of myself I went home and showed my mam. She asked me who was the girl I boxed but when I told her it was my cousin she laughed. She was also proud of me.

It was Monday the next day and after school my brother gave me a pair of old blue gloves he had and my mam gave me a pink gym bag she used for the gym and we headed off to the boxing club. I met the trainer and two other girls there. There was lots of other boys too. My trainer showed me my stance and he told me how good I was when I started to hit the bag. From that day on I trained my hardest and my trainer told  me I had natural talent from day 1. I sparred with the boys and girls who were much bigger than me but I wasn't afraid. Everyday we would put up a makeshift ring but I loved helping out. I would try and lift the heavy bars just to look good. I was so determined when I hit the bags and I loved when the trainer pushed me harder. While the other boys and girls would talk I was training non stop everyday. I loved when everyone told me I was here to train and not to mess.

Three weeks later I had my first show fight in a different boxing club I boxed a girl that was the same height as me but I was 12 and she was 15. We didnt know that at the time though. It was an exhibition and I got a medal it was my second medal. Afterwards someone told me that the girl was in boxing for 4 year  and she was 15. I was quite surprised actually.

I was all ireland champion

People came up to me and told me how good I was . I was a bit embarrassed though. I don't know why. At that fight I had to pretend I was 3 months in boxing even though I was 3 weeks. From then on I had lots of show fights and trained very hard. I got my boxers card and had my first competition. I stopped a girl in the semi final of the leinsters and bet another girl in the final. I was a leinster champion. I then went on and boxed in the semi final of the all irelands and won it aswell I also won the finals. I was all ireland champion I was so proud and everyone else was proud. My dad told me the reason why I won was because when everyone else in the club was talking or messing I was training hard.  I then went on to win many more completions and title and became 2 time all ireland champion. I was undefeated. But it came to my second leinsters and a girl I had beaten bet me. I hated the feeling to lose and I cried in the changing room thinking I never wanted to feel this again. The pain of losing. But you have to lose some to win some. I bet the girl twice after that though. After that our trainer and our club joined into a new boxing club and it had much better facilities. My trainer then had an argument with another coach and he switched to another new club but I stayed..

Now I am 3 time all ireland champion 2 time leinster champion and many more titles I have won. I have to go now because Im going to boxing. But ill keep ye updated bye !



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